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PropListInjector — a JAXB 2.1 RI xjc pluging to inject bound/restricted listeners support

License: either Sun's CDDL or GPLv2

Due credits: based on the code in the Property listener injector by Jerome Dochez and in the xjc tool in the JAXB 2.1 RI project (namely the classes) by Kohsuke Kawaguchi

Rationale: address the shortcomings of the Property listener injector plugin in Sun's JAXB2 Commons. The PropListInjector:

  1. inject bound or restricted or both type of listeners support. Moreover, one can differentially apply the support generation on different XML schema constructs;
  2. requires the customisation of the schema or a binding file (price to pay for the flexibility mentioned above);
  3. makes use of org.no0ne.collectionprop.ListProperty to implement the java.util.List properties of the generated beans. This way, adding/removing elements from these lists will also be signaled to the listeners
  4. added in v0.2 - command line option (-no-coll-listeners) that prevents the PropListInjector to generate listeners support for collection properties. If specified, the pluging will revert to using the java.util.ArrayList to support the collection properties, in which case (since ver 0.2.1) the generated code no longer depends on the CollectionBeanProperty
  5. .

v 0.2.1 - Links and downloads

A brief User's Guide   the binaries   the sources, docos and other resources

Version and history

Current version: v0.2.2 - Tuesday, October 5 2010. Change log here

Previous versions

v0.2.2 - Thursday, February 11 2010.

v0.2 - Sunday, July 12 2009.

v0.1.1 - Sunday, March 15 2009.

v0.1 - Sunday, February 21 2009. Initial version