User's guide — PropListInjector plugin


Warning: works with the JAXB 2.1 and not with the JAXB 2.0 included by default in the standard JSDK/JRE 1.6!

Requires: the CollectionBeanProperty JAR in the classpath

Invocation flag: -Xinject-prop-listeners

Usage example:

  xjc.bat -extension -classpath proplistinjector.jar;coll-prop.0.1.jar 
      -Xinject-prop-listeners -d src -p dummy xml-files/jproj.xsd



Customization element definitions

  1.   <element name="listener-support">
      		<attribute name="type"  default="BOUND">
      				<restriction base="string">
      					<enumeration value="NONE">
      					<enumeration value="BOUND">
      					<enumeration value="RESTRICTED">
      					<enumeration value="BOTH">

    The customization element may be attached to any of the schema, element, attribute, complex or simple type definition, with the specification that the more specific customzation take precedence (overrides) the less specific one. For example, if the customization at the an_element level requires that BOTH of bound/restricted support to be generated, but the customzation at the an_attr specifies only a BOUND support, then all the other fields corresponding to the attributes will be generated with both bound/restricted support, except the for the anAttr field for each only the bound support is to be generated.
    See the xmf-files/jproj.xsd for an example.

  2. For the moment, no other customization is implemented.